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Headquartered in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, our goal is to be your trusted source for executive office furniture. We are committed to offering our unique and iconic brand products. 

Carefully planned design, excellent craftsmanship and natural materials all add an individual expression to each piece of furniture.

Given the many different expressions of the collection it is possible to influence and decorate your office according to individual taste and needs. Soft curves, stringent lines, classical expressions and contemporary fashioning in natural wood.

We are able to off er a wide variety of woods and an extensive selection of chair covers.

The wide selection of models, woods and covers in the inspiring Penn Executive Chairs collection appeals to the international consumer’s taste and diversity.

Thus, the collection contains numerous options for the staging of the natural focal point of the office and make it possible for you to leave an individual mark on your office.

Be inspired - and choose your distinct expression to create cohesion and atmosphere in your office.

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